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As a professional retailer, how could you not involve any technology or system to reduce the burden you are carrying for your business?

Why is everyone so obsessed to start up a business, they just seem so desperate to do so. There is no other, only one, which is money. Come on, like who is going to generate business by losing money or not earning?

If so, that is charity, not a business.

Nothing we want will come to us perfectly, or even under our control. Sometimes, you just have to let things go completed in order to get a clear sign what is all this way you are feeling this way and so on.

Silence is the best reflection you can do for yourself.

There are so many tools available in this world, just like when you travel, you will definitely bring along with your kids together right?

Same concept. If you targeted on certain goals you wish to achieve, then go for it. Life is just too short for you to overthink it and waste it just like that.

We can see so many businesses desperately wanting to start up their own business, it doesn’t matter what age they are. Everyone is struggling to go to work, earning a low income that is not allowing them to support their family, even themselves.

Sometimes I wonder, does money really not able to buy us happiness, no matter how?

Yes, you can buy full of happiness by spending our money to the things that we want and we like, but the material is nothing that can fulfil our empty pieces within us, rich doesn’t mean everything, it just shows that you are hardworking, that is why you have that amount of money.

In a nutshell, you are only using your money to buy short term happiness for yourself. Especially when it comes to girls, they are much easier to spend their money, compared to the boys. Get your best sales force automation software in Kuala Lumpur, to managed your work professionally!