Wiring plan

Consider wiring so that two systems can be used simultaneously, including backup. Previously it was a DV system, but this time it can be connected directly with the Bacam component. Also, since there is input from the camera, it has become quite complicated. For high-definition, the only way to view the camera’s playback image directly on the monitor is taken.
Since there is only SD finish for a while, once you put it in the PC, you can preview only SD. Although the rendering result can be set to HD resolution, it cannot be returned to the camera, so it cannot be viewed in high definition. If HD production comes in, you have to think about how to do this.

Wiring Maintenance

We decided to improve the wiring relationship.
I couldn’t test the HVX200 because I didn’t receive the P2 card, but I connected the camera’s through image to a 50-inch plasma and looked at it.
Quality beyond expectations.
The operability of the camera is also good. The texture is not bad. I tested it on the tripod that I used for the VX-1000, but I still wanted a good tripod because the cheap tripod is not stable.
The wiring was able to test Avid while keeping the current flow. Although it is considered that it is not necessary to rewire each time, the wiring becomes simpler when the new system gets on track.

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