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Brainstorming Processes

My largest take away was the process of design thinking bootcamp. My natural tendency is to jump quickly to solutions and action, try them, and see how it goes. By forcing myself to slow down, discover, and if possible, experience the problems firsthand, then collaborate with others

I look forward to applying this in the work setting. Where I work, we have brainstorming sessions regularly. I remember one meeting that we spent at least 30 minutes coming up with a process for the meeting. Now, I will have something I am familiar with to suggest, which is good, but really, the best part is how design thinking bootcamp goes about designing solutions to problems. In fact, there is a sales brainstorming meeting just next week and if the situation is appropriate, I will not hesitate to suggest the design thinking bootcamp brainstorming method.

The individual/together nature of brainstorming was what set this apart as a superior method of brainstorming than I am familiar with. This may not be ideal for everyone, but it worked well for me, and for the other members of my team. It allowed me to pour out ideas, while also feeding off the ideas of others, enabling me to go onto idea tangents that I may never have if I was working completely on my own. When I come up with ideas, my mind runs very fast, and if it can’t produce ideas fast, it doesn’t produce ideas. I don’t know if that makes a ton of sense in words, but the slow, raise-your-hands-and-share-ideas is not a good environment for ideation for me, which likely means it is poor for others. However, when I look at a list of other people’s ideas, I inspired to jump off of their ideas into new ones. It is only from a collective gathering and analysis of ideas that the best ideas can be discovered. The together/separate nature of the sticky note brainstorming allowed my team to work together to form ideas we never would have if working entirely on our own or entirely separately.


Another big takeaway I plan to apply was how to communicate sustainability. As an environmental science major, sustainability is very important to me, and I want to do everything I can to encourage sustainability in all aspects of my life. I see such an opportunity for sustainability in the business world but came to more fully understand the complexity of unique challenges faced by different businesses regarding sustainability.

Not only is it challenging to pull together factual information, it is challenging to present customers the sustainability of your business in a comprehensible fashion which drives business, rather than inciting scrutiny. I really appreciated learning about NIKE as it surprised me that for NIKE, the best thing for them to do was simply be sustainable but not broadcast it, as there are other selling points which drive the business. I think this is a fine way to be a sustainable business in the world today, but I do hope that one day more people will be concerned with sustainability that if NIKE were to broadcast there sustainability, it would be a significant business driver. Hopeful the number of individuals  eager to giver preference to sustainable businesses both as consumers and in the workforce will continue to grow in number and knowledge.

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